Sanaa, Yemen

Rabeha Solar has donated and installed solar system in Sanaa, Yemen.

Jaame Kabir masjid in Sanaa is one of the most historic Islamic monument in Yemen. Maulana Ali Ibne Abi Talib S.A. during his visit to Sanaa 1400 years ago prayed in this masjid. It was a small masjid at that time but it was then expanded by Maulatena Hurratul Maleka A.S. about 1000 years ago.

This masjid has a large courtyard (Sahen) and it requires many light fixtures to light it up after sun set. Due to the shortage of electricity these lights are backed by generators which is very expensive to run. Now Rabeha has installed solar system in this courtyard which will provide lights free of cost at night.

We thank Shaikh Murtaza bhai Dahodwala and family of Boston, USA for donating Solar System here.

The cost of installing a single solar system for a house is US $480. The cost of one Solar Street Lamp installation is US $180. A single solar water pump installation costs US $2,900. We plan to install solar systems in the houses of hundreds of needy mumineen and if you wish to donate in this noble cause, please contact us.

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