Mubarakpur, India

Rabeha Solar has donated and installed Solar Systems in Mubarakpur, India.

There are 50 Mumineen families in Mubarakpur, Uttar Pardesh and all of them operate hand loom machines which weaves beautiful silk and cotton fabric that is used as sari, dupatta, jodi (see the attached photo). If anyone wish to purchase this Banaras fabric directly from them, it can be done at a very reasonable price (contact on whatsapp +919892179924).

These machines are in their small houses only. During the day it becomes a factory and at night it is a bedroom. To operate hand looms they need light but due to shortage of electricity, they loose lot of production.

Rabeha plans to install small solar system in all 50 houses which will provide light constantly. We have already installed a Solar System in the house of Haider bhai Abdullah bhai which will assist in increasing his hand loom production by 30% and provide a peace of mind.

We thank:

for their contribution for these installations. We thank Masoul of Mubarakpur Mulla Abdul Qadir bhai Challawala for his effort in these solar installations.

The cost of installing a single solar system for a house is US $480. The cost of one Solar Street Lamp installation is US $180. A single solar water pump installation costs US $2,900. We plan to install solar systems in the houses of hundreds of needy mumineen and if you wish to donate in this noble cause, please contact us.

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