Kukshi, India

Rabeha Solar has donated and installed Gutter System in Kukshi, India.

Open gutters here are a huge problem. Malaria is a common disease. Rabeha Solar, through guidence of Shahzada Taha bhai Saheb, has embarked on a project to close these gutters by installing pipes. There are 350 mumineen homes here who reside in several mohallas. We plan to close gutters by using 20,000 feet of pipes.

We have started closing gutters in one Mohallah: Burhani Colony. Rabeha donates pipes and the local Jamaat donates cement, labour, etc. Open gutters were so bad that we had to bring machines to dig and clear the area.

See the photographs of gutter before and after.

We thank Shaikh Murtaza bhai Dohadwala and family of Boston, USA for donating the first phase of the system.

The total cost of the project in Kukshi is estimated to be US $18,000 and we accept contributions for $100 or in multiples. We plan to install solar systems in the houses of hundreds of needy mumineen and if you wish to donate in this noble cause, please contact us.

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