Kaka Akela roza complex in Khambat, India

Rabeha Solar has donated and installed Solar street lights in Kaka Akela roza complex in Khambat, India.

Kaka Akela / Kaki Akela roza complex in Khambat is a historical place and any one who is familiar with our history understands its importance. This roza complex is very charming. It has beautiful gardens, lots of trees, agricultural land, chicken breeding, cows, fresh eggs, and fresh milk with malai. Above all, there is fresh air with no pollution. Hundreds of mumineen visit here for ziyarat plus a day trip of picnic.

This roza complex was going through difficult time because of shortage of water and electricity. After Rabeha installed Solar Water Pump in the famous well (Kuwa), we have also installed Solar Street Lamps so the complex lights up after maghrib. Roza complex now saves huge amount on electricity bill

We thank Mulla Aliasger bhai Shaikh Shabbir bhai Taheri and Shaikh Aliasger bhai Gheewala of Dubai, UAE for donating Solar Street Lights here.

The cost of installing a single solar system for a house is US $480. The cost of one Solar Street Lamp installation is US $180. A single solar water pump installation costs US $2,900. We plan to install solar systems in the houses of hundreds of needy mumineen and if you wish to donate in this noble cause, please contact us.

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