Ganipir, India

Rabeha Solar has donated and installed ten Solar Street Lights in Ganipir, India.

Ganipir is 60 kilometers from Jamnagar or Rajkot. Hundreds of Mumineen, Muslims and Hindus come here for ziyarat of Maulayi Ganipir Saheb. Faiz has more than 10 rooms but due to lack of electricity zuwwar do not stay here overnight. Rabeha Solar has installed 10 Solar Street lights here just a few days before urs of Maulayi Ganipir on 18th Moharram, 1435H. Now the whole Dargah shines at night. Zuwwar now enjoy evenings here.

We thank Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS and Aaliqadr Maula TUS. Rabeha Solar's success is due to their duas. We are also thankful for the donations we receive from Mumineen around the world.

The cost of installing a single solar system for a house is US $480. The cost of one Solar Street Lamp installation is US $180. A single solar water pump installation costs US $2,900. We plan to install solar systems in the houses of hundreds of needy mumineen and if you wish to donate in this noble cause, please contact us.

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