Iftetah for Rabeha Solar's new office

Shahzada Ezzuddin Saheb (DM) performed iftetah for Rabeha Solar's new office on Friday 26th December, 5th Rabiul Awwal. Our office is in South Mumbai at Mufaddal Shopping Arcade which is near Najam Baug and Faize Husainy office. The number is 53.

Mufaddal Shopping Arcade is a unique building specially built to accommodate shop owners in Bhindi Bazaar during the redevelopment project there, supervised by 'Saifee Burhanee Upliftment Trust' (SBUT). Once the SBUT project completes, shop owners in Mufaddal Shopping Arcade will move back to the new project in Bhindi Bazaar.

Mufaddal Shopping Arcade has an excellent food court on 2nd floor which caters delicious food such as tikka, biryani, chaat, bhel Poori and most unique: fish.

If you are in Mumbai and wish to meet us for Solar System or Gutter projects, you may may call our technical director Mustafa bhai Campwala at 9892162400

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